Saturday, December 31, 2005

show me some face /

& so / a last post of the year

this funny place / of leaving thots
strange words / & constant / weather watch

of dry fall ing snow / no thing un usual about
snow fall ing in december / no thing un usual
about the earth / be ing on this side of the sun
the all pervasive dark ness

now i count you in

three / two / one

& these days of ex cess es / are /
hope full lee / done

i am / ex haust ed /

& in some parts of the world / it's all ready next year / i wonder
what 2006 feels like / per haps just / only / a passage of time
not a feel ing @ all / only move ment / of the spiral / galactic fractal

& i think / i want to miss mid nite / not sure why / may be / i
can't stand an other drink / an other cigarette / / & i am / wish ing
this year / over / over / oh /

& what can one say / about / an other year / gone /
the kids got tall er / every one in school now /
it went so fast / who knows what happen en this year
/ & summer / spring / all that
now for got ten / we wait for next spring / this summer
& winter has bare lee begun / / let's see / 3 months of this
snow / /

when will / days creep in to light

& what is it about the colour green
& how water / runs thru mountains
pools green er than / you've ever remember ed
& i think / time has for got ten / to tell you
it all ways / ends like this // lowt of wynter

& you say / i'm wait ing for robbie burns nite
i'm going to live until then /
& i think / i'm wait ing / for tall reeds / &
the call of summer birds / & ocean salt
to cure the wound
yes / i say / robbie burns nite / you can
make it to there /
/ /

this season takes / you slow lee / closer
to your lady of the lake / wrapped tight in
wet hair / she's waits to bind you
to the dream / of shadows / other life
a thot / a thot / & these dark days
push / tight / pull mountains in tight
formation / ah yes / wait for her to tilt again

& i swear the lake moves a little different lee now

when stars / lose / ah twinkle / when clouds
cover all / when sky / re fuses to split open


Sunday, December 18, 2005

bucket of blood / / yes / i am

by the tearful dishwasher Posted by Picasa

fear & loath ing in b.c. / late nite / lost / & a few wish es too

& i am / wonder ing / who i am / / a gain

mother / ah do i bother / / not much of

& this day / gives me / head ache / heart ache

burnt eyes / / ah / burn me a soul

& what is this obsess ion with prayer

let me / & excuse the mess / my mind be comes

& so i wander / yet a gain thru the valley of
i shall fear no evil / / only be

an un finish ed thot / these are not my thots
tho i walk thru the valley of / / who did you say
you were again / / i can not / comment

& i wonder about / truth in words
& in tention / & running a way

see/ i've got this thot / an idea / stuck
in side my mind / / it's a bout / running
getting on a bus / or a plane / it's a bout
steal ing a car / be come ing bonnie

dis appear ing

ah / but the woman has 6 / she would never do it
a mother you know / / i wonder how she does it
& little do / they know / /

& to day / came late / dark morn ing
we sleep / the house sleeps / & we for get
in our beds / we for get a bout the dark ness
& this mother / wish es to for get a bout many
things / like / xmas & shopping / & debt in curr ed
wish es to for get the cold / & the an ger

all ways / push ing down / doubt /

yes / these days are meant to be for gotten

& i wish for the ache to go / / leave now
body / torn / which way to go

& see / there are no practical words on
a night like this one / there are only words
made to be questions / /

rising fools / / hail hail / & my bones be come
timber / brittle / burnt / i'm sure there was
a fire / / & if i only could re member / it's a black
spot / to be sure

love some / weep some / some dance for joy* ~shpongle

nite for wish es / / & the bitter night /be comes
what is this punish ment of cold / lowt of winter

& so a for a moment / life be comes mean ing less
mean ing /

it's this time of night / i hear the train / well past
mid night / whistle echos through the valley
up in to / the mountain tops / funny how sound
all ways / travels up / un til the sky can't take it
any more / un til the clouds grow weary & black

i keep wait ing for stars / i keep wait ing for snow
some thing to break the oppressive cold / mood

& some how i wish i could / fall in to / this season
em brace the dark ness / /

so /
& i am smoke ing joints for jesus / can't get
any high er / & i am afraid of my feet not
touch ing the ground / i am afraid / of me

for getting to fly /

i'm afraid

i've lost the day / a gain


Saturday, December 17, 2005

on hear ing the news

/ / i knew i lost you
before you knew / or did you

& i am think ing / / you say / broken heart
is good for writing / i say / my hearts not broken

you'll be back / a leopard doesn't change it's spots

& what do i care / if you & you & you / fall in love
with out me / my love is one sided

self full fill ing

only you could under stand that / love pass es
this way / over there / some times / it rush es
under my feet / a tip / a trip / trick me / i love
to be fool ed / /

stop speak ing / listen / just listen / / i have no words of my own these days / lock ed in my head a gain

A writer's life is a highly vulnerable, almost naked activity. We don't have to weep about that. The writer makes his choice and is stuck with it. But it is true to say that you are open to all the winds, some of them icy indeed. You are out on your own, out on a limb. You find no shelter, no protection – unless you lie – in which case of course you have constructed your own protection and, it could be argued, become a politician.

Harold Pinter – Nobel Lecture

Art, Truth & Politics

& then what my friend had to say about all this :

and says everything that needs to be said
for amerikka to smash the mirror, see
the swazzickkas on our jackets
guantanamo nicuruagua, chile, indonesia.
indiction of bush non parallel.

how long will the rest of the world
put up with the skoolyard bully? hmmmmm?

i'm glad of my fire, it made it easier
to lose things. there is a storm
brewing, it'll hail troopers and anti
aircraft missiles, lights out invasions
china will rescue the world. we've shipped
them our mnf bases. tapestry of lies
he called it. lean back on yr ignorant
cushions he told us. be prepaired for the fire
this time. why do the amerikkan ppl
not see our only rescue is impeachment?
even then, our crimes are horrendous
enough to demand restitution for decades.
africa, south america, mexico, dya
ever wonder why they're paterolling the border now?
he spoke of a growing disenfrachised population
disenchanted, grumbly. iwonder if he realises
how they controll thru the courts...
the border is permeable. this is why they
hatemonger canada. in 2 years we have to have
passports. the noose will tighten. the invasion
will begin. the chess board is beginning to lose
pawns, soon it will bleed bishops. we
need impeachment like a war chant.
come on bloggers wasssup? are we
the ppl in control of this country
or is is the how far
will the ignorance rain? who do i need
to call dammit? impeachment of both
the president andthe vice president
a vote of no confidence.
can we have a special election for that?

hey scar,
what's the chances of filing a court injunction
against the further operation of the us guvment
until the blood stained bush cheney rumsfeld triad
in run outta town on a peach?

can we tie the bastards up with red tape
or do they own all that too?


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

i couldn't care less

i guess i have more important things to worry about

i just wonder what it is about interactions on the internet

& how people get so petty about what other people are or

aren't doing / / jeezuz fuck / i hope no / body is keep ing

track of me / / / or i'm really in for it

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

ah recycling taken to a new level / or welcome to our house

got milk?

from stranded's blog

& that's just the plastic jugs / i don't even want to
get in to the cardboard / tin cans / mixed paper
glass / etc

Monday, December 12, 2005

& what is there to speak of /

when there is / no thing left to say

i am static / / neither for ward
nor back / a day full of circles

i wish for paisleys / & fractals
why can't i be broken down / like that

to night i read to 7 people / the bar
empty / crowd less distraction

i am / ask ing questions / but /every one
is cold / un re sponsive

a day spent cook ing / i day / dream
thru the steam / about stand ing on
stage /

this morn ing / kitchen soup / /
this after noon / moms giant chili
& 3 dozen cookies / / it's not all ways
like this / / but on this day / it's what
keeps me going / some where be tween
cans of kidney beans / black bean / tomatoes
some where un der my knife / onions & garlic
celery & peppers / / i think of poetry

& why am i like this / / what is this hope
i hope to give / to me / what is this


my blog / be comes / my sell out
i can't hide here any more / in my
quest for popularity / i kill ed my
beautiful hide out / / lol / / i am
crzy / aren't i / / may be i should
get off the cookie / / /

*better be care full man / that shits addictive
stay off the mind / / think ing will make you crzy er

than you were / to start with

& i ask the audience to night / if i'm too old
to be on the pot / i mean / isn't it push ing
just a bit / & damn / i'm too young to be this
old / / & i hate moving with the seasons
i hate this push push push / around the sun

i want it to stop / / to balance out some how
if only the earth could tilt up / just bit / it's all
i'm ask ing / (never mind the colossal weather changes)
it's happen ing with out the tilt / changing @ all

& i'm think ing / / may be it is end times
the / Great Pass ing / / so eloquent lee put
by a poet friend of mine / / & so i be lieve
not in god / but in the passage of time / end less
cycle / which i'm not able / to stop

Sunday, December 11, 2005

last nite / all ways last night

my eyes burn with / it's late
& i've had a couple of smokes
& a couple of shots of /

to kill you

& my nose is plugged / a gain
i'm sick / a gain
& what's with all these fuck ing germs
every where /

& the nite is frozen / & my heart is frozen
& all around / so much pain / & i am im patient
with my friends / i say / do what you need to do

the things you want the most are never easy
never easy / / i say this with love / /

& i wish / the ones i love / to be near me
distance kills / ah kiss/ such a better word
& wouldn't you stand near me /& wouldn't you hold
my hand / & wouldnt you say

i love you / too / too / too

never a lone in this life / / all ways
flux / ride this tide / & if we weren't so
far in land / i might take you for a ride

& i am think / ing / / patience /

& how some times /ven gence cross es
over / & how hard it is to stay stand ing
stuff the feel ings / / & love is never static
moves with this tide we are rid ing / how the moon
pulls us this way / that

how the earth wish es to spin me right off
cast a way my soul / ah / but spirit all ways
hangs on / /

& it's not the way you die / it's not that you are dying
it's me / watch ing / i wait / / & i know

for sure / i know / /
the end is all ways / near / / it's all about acceptance

Saturday, December 10, 2005

why i love hippie craque / / ah / third eye

/ or was it / just too much acid

hint* when you click on this link / be sure to click
on the photos to enlarge so you can fully appreciate

i believe these are drawn with pencil crayon

Monday, December 05, 2005

unconscious mutterings / week 148

  1. Amazing:: how the earth tilts
  2. Delights:: christmas lights
  3. Inspired:: all ways
  4. Disgusted:: can't name it
  5. You:: me
  6. Vagina:: mine
  7. Palm:: hand
  8. Sweetheart:: candy
  9. Guilt:: mother me
  10. More to come:: of course

Unconscious Mutterings

Thursday, December 01, 2005

cry ku / or / when i quit smoke ing / & a few other lies

worst morn ing ever
tired of all my anger
no / this isn't me

un happy girl lives
here / she's not sure why crzy
loves to love crzy

aha / & he says
i've caught you / & in your lies
there is never truth

this broken season
oh yes / dis content rises
nerves / shatter ed white bones

where were you when you
were where you were / waiting / yes
wait / winter passes

& see / if i wasn't
so cold / this could have mean ing
but / i'm mean ing less

never let go / for get
see / season all ways changes
its me / i can't change