Saturday, June 24, 2006

ah / rush of summer

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i just love this columbine
columbine bud / on the verge of

red currents the worms didn't get

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yes summer / & 10 thousand hits

strawberry flower
aint it purdy

some time today / i should get my 10,000th hit on my blog /
i know / that the number is no where near the numbers of say
some one like silliman who prolly gets that many a day /
none the less / a miles stone to be sure / / /

today / summer has finally land ed
can i hold on to these days / i wonder

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

my house / in the middle of my street / / find finch / hidden in the rush of summer green

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these are a few of my favourite / things / or / welcome to my garden of eden


just about to open it's mouth
yet an other variety / don't these
look like fairy flowers

white foxglove

oh poppy / please open / i promise
the rain has stopped
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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

big words / mean no thing / it's a feel ing in side

& so / i shelter my self from
not / this body / falters/ ill.ness
a gain / / float thru the days of
can't remember / & honest lee

i can't remember / / / & a week of june
rain has pound ed the garden / flat /
oh yes the lupins lay up on the lawn
cover ed in aphids / & the columbine
blooms @ the bottom end of the stalk
now / long gone flowers now point ed
seed pods /

yes / the garden guard changes / once again
here come the fox glove / once a gain / here
comes the peonys / & the lilies

grass grows high er / i believe it's got some thing
to do with the rain / i believe / it's got some thing
to do with all the thunder & lighten ing / / /

this eve of / long est day of the year
& i am cold / in layers / even during the height
of / yes / it's that time of year a gain / when
the sky is st.ill / blue ing @ 11 @ nite

oh / morning star is not that far a way from
mid night /& when i sit up late @ nite
sudden lee a waken ed / @ 3 am / 4 am / 6 am
all these times / up up / i get / go out side / sit
smoke / all these nights & i wait for /

this time of year / all year / i wait for

this time of year / & i can't be in " it " enough
to satisfy the urge of / this is what keeps me going

@ 10 : 25 pm / i see / the crest of elephant mountain
some where down there / in the town / some where
down there / i lost my soul / a gainst the crest of the
sky / edges / all ways on the verge / of some thing

& it's summer a gain / do you know that

Friday, June 16, 2006

more crazy search es that lead to my blog / to day seems to be a valley day

make a hole sin the valley and they will allways be fill with water
wow / that's the long est phrase ever don't you think

locate poem about thru valleys we grow

supper fucking black norses

& some days

/ the pain rests
be tween my ribs / some where
near my heart / press ing heavy
a gainst the lungs / /

this is no way to die / i think

as i / dig my own grave /

& wonder a bout love making
& why it can't be done

i make love to flowers / talk
in conversational english to grass
taking over the garden beds / my hands
are stain ed / dirt


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

people today are look ing for information on:

lana maree

tattoo johnny clouds/wind

marijuana chest tight and pain in center

what colour ring should a 2005 green finch have

i also made this list

see / pays to have numbers in stead of a name / lol

Thursday, June 08, 2006

on a rain ee day / lick ing the garden

flower buds on the raspberries

my not-too-red wheel barrow
fill ed with weeds & pitch fork
the last bunch of lilacs in my town / pays to be high up on the mountain
i stuffed my face in these / want ing to eat the smell of lilacs / a child a gain

up / in to / the garden

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i'm in love with my camera / or / how can one write poems about flowers that compare to the naked eye

the macro settting on my new camera
is amazing to say the least
this week / jenn's garden brings you

iris /with rain drops /

altho this columbine looks purple (below)
it is actually / almost black / i'm think ing
it's got some thing to do with using the flash
on such a dark rainy day

more iris with rain

yellow iris / with rain
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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

666 / take me a way / what the mind for gets


in to no thing

or was that nuth ing

i want to split / that word
drop it / to the floor / like
so much spilt milk

& chest remains heavy from sik ness
ah / hate the sik ness /
hate these words / /

my own words bore me
so much so / my heart pounds
when i think / of novelty / of
how things can change in a matter
of minutes / how you / bound back
in to / sudden lee / you are back
& now
i'm frighten ed /

stomach churns for days now
arms ache / legs a burn / /

tired sets in / & my children
ask me @ bed time / when i'm going
to die / & when are grandma & grandpa
gonna die / & what will happen when the
world ends / & i have no answers to these
questions / i want to say / we'll all live for ever
but that would be a lie now / wouldn't it

& i say / we come out of the earth & we go
back in a gain / & i kiss every one on the cheek
good night i love you / & i go hide in my office

it's so hard to breathe

but these / this / that /
all pass es / will pass / gone
@ some point / every thing will
be come mean ing less / mean ing
less & how my arms hurt so / & how
it's best to hide words in lost journals
best to hide the pain / best
not to / / let the pain in my chest stop
me from moving

& tho i walk thru the valley of / oh you
know every thing about me is chronic
i shall fear / of course / only my self
as my hand reach es for / yet / yet a nother
cigarette / /

smoke it like it is / / confess to no thing
take no prison ers / only / my self

& sudden lee / garden is / be comes full
with new bloom / move in to june
ah / lust green june / juicy / the leaves
fat with spring rain

& to day / plump iris / yellow / white purple
open / de light my heart / i remember now
i remember this time of year / /

& i stop to grab my head / pull my hair up in
a messy bunch / close my eyes / it's this dizzy ness
of tired / i can't stand / it's my eyes / be hind a lazy
brain /

& i get my bangs cut real short

takes years off / or some thing
i don't know who i am any more

i thot i wasn't afraid / but it turns out
i am / i'm afraid of my self / / the dark
corner i've created / the dark corner i've
back ed my self in to