Wednesday, July 12, 2006

oh / if i could only tell / what's real lee going thru my head

oh lily / you bring me joy

delphinium or call me lark spur

oh dear rose i fell in love with you / in life

& in death
ah / garden calls all to settle deep
with in warm confines of soil / here /
let me rot your bones / make love to me
in death
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come / kiss the earth / w/ me / july brings de lite

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my tattoo

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Friday, July 07, 2006

poems about physical pain / oh the things people search for

the hard ness in my neck persists

i drink coffee / smoke drum / mixed
with tiny nuggets of / weed /
it's easier that way / /

there is a constant twinge be tween my legs
a kind of rest less ness / / yet i'm loathe
to let go /

the sky clears blue after a night of hard rain
the storm / not a constant threat / just a constant

i drink 2 cups of coffee / my belly / churns / this way
& i really should eat some thing / but no thing appeals

wind blows breezy breezy / keeps the garden a live
with move ment / / who could ever know / flowers dance /

& early in the morn ing / i see a skunk stagger
a cross the yard / a limp / a bum rear leg / he's not
phased by it @ all / belly full of compost /
happy to go sleep some where / /

but it's the racoon up the cherry tree that interests me

does it stay there all day / /

things seen early morning

it's the sun cutting the top of the mountains
so yellow / as if to announce / it's that time
of day a gain /

i go back to bed / greet the sun later / much later
hours i sleep in the light /

& to nite / all words search es / lead to / my blog

indian beauful woman man fucking video

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"The yellow days" poetry

blamo sun glasses

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