Wednesday, May 31, 2006

flowers in my garden @ nite

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length of the green

& see / the sun is all ways
try ing to burst thru

clouds / rain / ever present
trickles of sun light / ever
present / yes / the presence of
spring / northern climate
oh yes / we wait for these
short months / fleet ing
i count down / may now gone
june / july / august / weather
be gins / to / turn turn / all ways
turn ing

to ward / the cold / /

i want to stop on the lush of summer
i want to stop where / all the beauty
is / / gasp ing green / breaths of yellow
& red / let me curse the dandy lions &
crab grass

its a bout drink ing cold coffee on
the back porch / st.ill wear ing a
winter jacket / how the thermometre
only reads 14 degrees celsius

& how that word / never looks right

it's glory to the eyes /

no body likes the rain / except the ground
& all things / which burst up from it /

i eat oregano leaves / wish for health



for get

house of lost objects / house of
lost children / house of a woman

who knows not / what to do
except / count count / now i'm count ing

& slow lee / sun creeps out / wind comes
up / & the engine of the golf course lawn
mower fills / the air / as it cuts up & a long
the length of the green

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

13 things about me you might not want to know

  1. mother to 6 children ages 5 -15 / 5 boys / 1 girl (gave birth to them all)
  2. my hubby works for people like prince & justin timberlake
  3. i've been on tour with nsync during their hay days
  4. i'm an avid flower gardener & collector
  5. i suffer from severe fibro myalgia & chronic fatigue syndrome (i'm in physical pain 90% of the time)
  6. i aspire to be a playwright
  7. i drive a very beat up 93 ford areo star / the doors don't lock / i keep hoping someone will break in & steal all the garbage
  8. my favourite alcohol is agave tequila
  9. i play piano
  10. prince phone our house last week & my daughter answered the phone
  11. p diddy has phoned our house too / lol
  12. i'm very vain & hate the effects of aging on my body
  13. my husband once accused me of having an on line affair with jenninot LOL

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

dirt / & high / skies

& yes / this spring rolls in / fast er than
ever be fore / & i / ignore parts of my garden
but ever / dig dig digging / plant ing / yes
my hands / cover ed in dirt /

this is where time moves / in the for got ten
place / where i move / slow / patient / patience
a place / to watch things grow

& wish i could smoke in my office

i wish i was home a lone / so i wouldn't
feel guilty / typing / read ing / writing

& this week / brings / busy ness /
ah / the theatre calls dahling / calls for
me / /

& i feel like / i'm going / i'm going
well / there are just so many places to
go to / i just can't / no / can't seem to
get / there / where / there

it's call ed / turn ing in / circles /
as if a circle could be any thing but in
or was that out / so hard to re member
now / if i was / it or out

down seems to be a / popular place
right / now / down / & i am / not

it's up / i'm look ing / sky is warm
a gain / full moon pass es & takes
the frost / & i'm think ing / only
2 months of the year with out
the possibility of / frost / ah damn
be the mountain cold / damn be
this cold climate / / /

so i mark / turn of season / with
the turn of the moon / time to plant
& i keep / turn ing the garden
turn ing / lift ing the compost
bring ing rocks to the surface
free ing them / of asphyxiation
by soil / how long since you've seen
the light / how long / since we've
cover ed you up / as passage for root
& worm / / the more interest ing rocks
i keep / the rest are thrown in to / the
neighbour ing lots / the field out back /
on to the rock pile in the woods

weeds be come more / complicated

weeds with admirable tendancies

they are / smart /

full of / self / preservation

pro creation of / a species

dandelions be come / complicated

roots that grow back / seeds seeds seeds

that germinate with great tenacity

all the earth is a grave
King of Texcoco (1431-72)
Trs. John Cur

taken from lorna dee's blog

& i'm think ing yes / i like the smell of earth
moist / i like / the smell of rain / the smell
of spring

photo credits below to my new friend

thanx / i had a great after noon

Sunday, May 07, 2006

in complete /

it's this time of day / i hide
on the top deck / listen to all
hell break loose in this house / the
drums are going / children yell / &
i try to build up enough courage to
drag my

eyes a way from the sky & sun on the mountain
tops / a cross the lake /

i can only see up / you see

it's points of light / i see /

the desire to be come /
fear & loath ing /
the desire to run /

perhaps i'll steal a car &
go south

[i]i'll never make it / [/i]

the desire
certain lee
is strong
in side me / /

some thing i'm / just not getting

& damn
my heart pounds
moisture gathers /
what am i try ing to live up to

no / i'm no poet /

i'm simply in therapy right now
void of any original thot / /

only full / of feel ing
heart's too deep /

it believes mountains breathe
it senses water / spring streams / rivlets /
constant lee run / down down / yes / all
the worlds water runs down these mountains

all a round me / all the time / /