Friday, April 27, 2007

the in sides of flowers / where bees go for lunch



cow slips / cows lips / how do you say it/
also known as wild primrose / my father remembers
these growing in the fields in germany when he was a child
& these are one of his personal favourites/

lungwort (boy/girl flowers) are one of my spring favourites / these
little flowers are the size of my pinky fingernail

primrose bud

i love the macro capacity on my canon sd400
it brings so much to the eye that would otherwise remain unseen
sometime when i download the pictures off my camera / i'm amazed
by what is revealed / some times we need to notice the unnoticable

my favourite pic of the week

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

when is being at the scene of a crime not a crime / more twisted justice brought to you alberta style / more on nina courtepatte trial

"You don't have to be present for the whole of the crime to be guilty of the crime," Watson said.

EDMONTON - A young woman who left the scene of the crime before other West Edmonton Mall rats beat 13-year-old Nina Courtepatte to death with a sledgehammer is still guilty of first-degree murder, Crown prosecutor John Watson said in his closing argument Monday.

i imagine michael briscoe's lawyer had the same thing to say
about his client who was aquited by justice brian burrows

i'm curious to see how this trial pans out. lets hope this judge has a little more common sense about what constitutes murder . . .

to the courtepatte family: please stay strong / fight for what you believe
fight for what is in your hearts /